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i5 2500k @ 4GHz OC Stable?

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Ok so i overclocked my i5 2500k to 4GHz using the Hyper 212 Evo.
Here is what it looks like in my bios.

I Ran 15 Intel Burn Tests
5 on Standard (Success)
5 on High (Success)
5 on Very High (Success)

I Ran Prime95 for 3 hours 10 Minutes (Success)
Each time it never passed 70 Degrees.

But my voltage keeps jumping from 1.220v to 1.270v
Is this normal?

I'm just curious as my BF3 isn't its "usual" self since overclock.

I Used the Automatic Setting my board supports which was called "Turbo 4.0GHz"

Any advice?

Would i just be better doing the OC Manually myself, if so can you tell me the optimal settings for 4GHz?
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Please, don't use that auto overclocking stuff. You are better doing it manually.

Here is a great guide for overclocking with ASRock motherboards. If you have any questions, just ask in that thread. Just follow everything step by step.

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Wait so all i need to change is multiplier to 40 then voltage to what?
Would 1.25v be enough?
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Follow the guide. Step by step. How much voltage it needs to be stable depends on your chip. Update the BIOS, make sure all drivers are up to date, make sure you have CPU-Z, Prime 95, and Real Temp.

Take a look at the 'green overclocking first.' Set your multiplier to 45, make sure 'all cores' is selected, put 0.005+ as the offset voltage and 0.004+ for the turbo voltage. Make sure you have LLC 3 enabled as I think your board along with mine reports wrong voltage when not using LLC 3. If you BSOD, or if you get into Windows and run P95 and get errors, increase the turbo voltage one up each time until you're stable. Make sure to monitor temps closely and see what your voltage. If you chip is decent you should be at around 1.2 to be stable, but once again that depends on your chip.

Other than that just read the guide. Really easy.
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I'm confused explain, i dont want to update BIOS incase it screws up.
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Originally Posted by Simple View Post

I'm confused explain, i dont want to update BIOS incase it screws up.
It won't mess it up if you do it correctly. If you don't feel comfortable updating it then you don't have to.

And explain what? Look at the guide man. Every setting you should change I explained. Look at the pictures in the guide for assistance.
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