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I posted this in another thread and couldn't figure out how to delete that post. Sorry for the double post. I am in dire need of help. Wondering if anybody has experienced this issue. I've got the TP67XE motherboard new out of the box. It's one a friend had in his store just sitting around. I'm using the I5 3570 processor. When I installed it the first time and powered the machine on, I got 4 short beeps, then a restart, 4 short beeps, restart, and on and on and on. I emailed Biostar and they RMA'ed the board. They said they updated the bios and also found some pins on the cpu socket that were bent and they repaired that.

Everything I've read says this beep code is a system timer issue. If Biostar did indeed update the bios, that would mean they got the board to power up correctly. I installed it after it arrived back from Biostar and it still does the same thing. Has anybody run into this? Any ideas what I need to do?