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Questions about overclocking Athlon X2

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I'm running a dual core Athlon 64 X2 3800+ at 2.00 GHz, with 2 GB installed RAM on an HP a1430n. I'm assuming everything except the RAM upgrade is standard issue stuff that came with it. My OS is 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium with SP1 installed.

I was wondering, is this possible to overclock? Is it dangerous to overclock an old processor like this? Would I see any benefits? And how do I go about doing it? (If someone had a link that'd be great, otherwise I'll just google it.) Also, what would be the highest overclock I should go to if this is safe and possible?

Thanks in advance for any replies! smile.gif
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hp blocked the overclocking ability via bios
on your motherboard however it is still possible to overclock by bypassing the lock. you could try windows programs like clocken or cpucool or setfsb to see if they work. you can find tutorials online. overclocking your cpu is preety safe because your cpu has thermal shutdown which turns the pc off if the cpu gets too hot.
if thoose windows programs wont work you can mod bios but that can be risky
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Just have a couple questions. I'm about to try setFSB. But it says I need to know a few things first.

I looked up my motherboard name, and I found this.


Manufacturer: Asus
Motherboard Name: A8N-LA
HP/Compaq motherboard name: Nagami-GL8E

Which one should I be using?

How do I find my chipset name? Are they talking about the graphics card?

Does anyone have any clue where to find the PLL? I read a thread about how to find it, I don't want to just keep trying different selections from setfsb until I find the right one, and Si-Sandra isn't free to download... Also, I can't find anything on google about the PLL for this computer.
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A question about CPUcool.

This one seems to be the most straightforward, and detects my chipset automatically.

I'm pretty sure I know how it's going to work, however... it seems as though my minimum overclock will set the processor to 2.8ghz and I only want to try to boost it to 2.4ghz. I think setting it to 2.8 would probably screw some stuff up....

When I go to set freq it declares the lowest I can set my FSB to is 140.0mhz, and the PCI is at 0.0mhz. My CPU freq in the program displays as 1004.6 mhz. I'm guessing it reads at half the value because it's a dual core?

Anyway, I wanted to know whether or not I should try setting it to 140mhz (which would result in 1400mhz cpu speed), or just to leave it alone in cpucool and try another program. setfsb doesn't seem to be working for me...

Will setting it to 140 (which im assuming is really 280) cause any problems? Does anyone have suggestions as to other programs I could be looking at or whether or not I should just go ahead and try this?
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SETFSB is the best one to use but you have to find the PLL yoursealf. you can find a tutorial on how to find PLL on

wrong PLL reads the core speed wrong. ppl is printed on the motherboard so you have to take the side panel of your computer
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