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This is my first scratch build, mostly for rendering. I just couldn't resist the 900d! wink.gif Now despite corsair recommending rad placement as intakes in the bottom of a case, most articles I've read are against dumping hot air into the case. And I'm not sure how I would install the two fairly fat rads near the bottom anyway, over the graphics card(s) (one gtx 770 for now), although I guess they could replace the front hdd intake fans (3 fans there stock). At the top they would pretty much have to be exhaust fans. The xeons (e5-2665's) don't strictly even need watercooling, but this case is apparently not so great for aircooling.

The board is ssi-eeb (yes know about standoff problem) so basically eatx sized (z9pe-d8 ws)

Any ideas for rad placement and other fans`? It comes stock with just one rear fan for exhaust, am considering also the corsair link module to avoid lots of fan headers and controls to the motherboard.
At this point not looking at cooling the graphics card, but if I end up with a whole bunch for gpgpu rendering, that could be an issue (the board has 7 pcie slots!). For now looking to keep it simple, not confident enough for a full custom dual loop water cooling system..

Any advice appreciated....had a quick look through the posts, but didn't find any exact answers...ditto googling (apart from most peps going with push-pull and exhausting out the top with their rads).