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Overclocking P9x79 Pro (Newb)

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So im a newbie to overlocking.
I have been reading up on it and cant figure much out.
Was wondering if anyone can help me.
I want it setup to game everything on high, but i want it a stable 24/7 system.
Can anyone help me?

This last picture is semi incorrect. Got 2 660TI in it right now. There in both first and last blue slot.
Also ordered some GPU cooling fans that are comming in to help with GPU cooling
The processor has liquid cooling.
The power supply is 850
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got new screenshots

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Hi mate update ur bios to current 4210 go into ai suite and make some adjustments and u will be able to get to these oc,, eg

if u want stable oc go for around 4.7 mhz
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Do not listen to him. There is no way for him to actually hit those speeds without liquid nitrogen cooling. He has a bug with his AI Suite that gives out faulty readings. Only thing that gives accurate readings is your BIOS and CPU-Z but even CPU-Z can be tricked.

You could probably do 4.4GHz with decent cooling and taking your time to test it. You should probably fill in your sig rig so everyone knows what all you have in your computer and can make educated guesses as to how high you could clock.
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I see a few things out of place.

First of all, looks like you have some 2133 MHz DDR3 RAM in the system, but you currently have it running at 1600 MHz. You should fix that.

The 3820 is a partially locked processor. I think you can set the Turbo multiplier up to 42 (4.2 GHz) which is high enough for most people that aren't interested in fiddling with voltages and risking burning up their CPU.

You won't get high frame rates with ultra high settings on a 660 Ti. You will probably need a higher powered video card, or two, or three of them in SLI.

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Ah mate don't worry bout it
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