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Ive been thinking about watercooling for a while now and Ive decided to start but there are a few questions that i still have.

Firstly, if i cut out a bit of the top 5.25" bay, Could i fit a 280 rad? Im thinking about the Black Ice Stealth GTS 280

#2: I bought a Watercool Heatkiler GPU Backplate GTX670 thinking that I could secure it to my graphics card like the EVGA backplates, but that didnt happen. In order to use it do i have to use a Watercool HEATKILLER GPU-X³ GTX 670 waterblock or can I use another brands waterblock (Aquacomputer aquagraFX for GTX 670) with it ?

#3: Recently I bought some previously owned compression fittings (10 x Compression fitting 3/8"ID - 1/2"OD - $20 for all), would the tubing on these be kind of thin? and if yes what size should i have gotten? - - - - - - And just to make sure, I would buy 3/8"ID - 1/2"OD tubing right?

#4: Should I get the Alphacool NexXxoS XP³ Light - Black Chrome Edition or the Phobya UC-2 Intel LT cpu waterblock (for socket 1155)?

Thanks, your input is highly appreciated!