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What's a video card that can play Dota 2 on a stable 40:60 frame rate?

I don't want to buy the super high end video cards. I have no plan on spending 200 dollars just on a top of the line video card that will eventually be not top of the line. So lets keep it in the mid to high-mid range graphics cards.

FPS is an important factor for MOBA type games as well. Although not as important to FPS games but it still proves a factor, specially if you play support and you have to have a good non-skipping view of your allies in clashes so that you can heal whoever, whenever its needed and not miss click due to the frame rate skipping when Enigma casts black hole and Crystal maiden casts freezing field at the same time.

I would like to max out graphics settings for DOTA 2; anti-aliasing, shadows, etc etc.. but still be able to play at a stable frame rate. Initially I planned on getting the 560, but then financial problems held me back. Finally when I had enough money again, the 6xx series came out so that held me back again, and I planned on getting the 650. Then the T.I version came out and then, the T.I boost came out too. Each "waiting" period held me back from purchase.

This month I think the wait time is over. I can't wait for 750s to get released... as I think my system will no longer benefit from getting that release... (as you can still see below, I'm still working on socket 775 on the desktop. It's PCI-e 3.0 btw... but still socket 775)

The only game I really play seriously is DOTA2. And that's the only game that matters. It's not as heavy on the graphics card as titles like bf3 or cod or other games. But still, I'd like to play on maximum video settings without sacrificing frame rate. Would a 650 Ti graphics card allow me to do that? Or should I trash this whole graphics card and just wait another year till I can upgrade the whole CPU and motherboard?

P.S. I would like to play it at maximum settings without sacrificing frame rate. BUT not have the video card be "overworked" as well. A little extra is fine.

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