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But I gotta reply to myself here. While the titan is OBVIOUSLY shirking in Ungine Valley Bench... I can't TOUCH it with any benchmarks to begin with. Furmark never breaks 51% load and only slightly pushes the fan up, Kombustor doesn't use more than 35% at its standard 1600x mode.

I've got all three sliders hard-right and its never needed the overhead.
So far I have two conclusions:
This is by far the slickest combination I've ever had on my system. Catalyst 13.8 schloss-driver and the GTX Titan. No conflicts, no screen-to-screen crashes, nothin choking it.
This is a sign that AMD is getting their **** together in a real and meaningful way.
The 7970 easily outperforms the titan on multiple windowed and borderless windowed graphics ports.
(WHY you'd need to do this, dunno, Titan just seems to take each program way too seriously)
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yeah, I haven't heard of too many issues with 13.8 beta. thumb.gif
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I've been on beta drivers all the time, well until 13.5 came out which disabled eyefinity for my setup. Then i jumped to 13.8 and have no problems whatsoever, its really dependent on your card and experience i guess.
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