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Wouldn't the phase be 180° different, because the other conductor is neutral, and the other conductor is "live" or energized (ie. carries 230V RMS alternating current). If the grounding on the device is faulty, or the device has bad power supply rejection ratio, a potential difference between the devices could cause hum. Or it's just bad PSRR and bad power filtering that leaks into the DA stage and pre-amplification, I could be completely wrong but it would make sense to me. Loose connector would make sense if the OP hadn't tried it numerous times. From what I tried with an LP system with an external ground wire, it actually did stop the hum when the both of the plugs were turned the same way. It would feel weird to consider the fault had been elsewhere, we used one of those light-up pens to check which wire was energized and which was neutral.

I should've probably put a bigger disclaimer that I was just guessing, but "lol@" is quite rude and unnecessary. I apologize for spreading false information but there's no need to resort to ridicule.
The power you get out of your wall doesn't really have a - or +. The polarity switches thats why its called AC (alternating current), it doesn't matterwich way the plug is turned.