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Wow i think i got my 2500k the day it was release or near enough
its still working nicely 4.4gz on a true120
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Originally Posted by Daguin View Post

Hm. You haven't read the whole thing have you? Of course I can leave my computer for 24 hours running Prime95, but my i5 gives me the screen of death (0x00000124, for Sandy Bridge processors that means the voltage is too low) instantly unless I bump the voltage up from 1.310v to 1.340 (I've just tested it). I just wanted to know if there was a valid point on increasing the voltage just for P95, because every single other software (including Intel Burn Test and several games) runs completely fine at 1.310v, no BSODs at all. I guess there isn't any then, thank you anyway

Perhaps only P95 is able to yeld a full load on the CPU and therefore pushes all the voltages related to the CPU/Mobo/RAM to the max. That's a pretty unrealistic situation for regular/every day use, for instance when you game or simply engage in entertainment activities with your computer, UNLESS you do folding (e.g. folding@home, BOINC).
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