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Problems with Overclocking a GTX 670, no consistency

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First off I have of course read SeanPoe's absolutely amazing thread on overclocking a GTX 670, and it is something that absolutely every single person owning one of these cards should take into account. It unfortunately does not help with my current problem.

So here's the deal. When I do a bios flash to get maximum voltage accessed, I literally get a different clock reading and result every single time I open Precision X. My original clock speed is 1006. Sometimes I'll overclock it by 101+, and it will remain stable. Sometimes it will just sit at 705 or 810 and go absolutely nowhere regardless of how many MHZ I might have added or subtracted.

The bigger issue is that pretty much every time I do multiple runs when I start tinkering with one value, if it does decide to stick it just starts boosting to 1293 (the max preset I originally made)on it's own without warning. After that it will just driver crash every time I try something because for some reason it isn't stable there, even with 1.212.

I rolled back my drivers to 314.2 (because our cards in general just hate the 320 drivers) and also because my former best Overclock's came from there.

Considering I'm intending to eventually put this into my loop, I'm kind of annoyed I can't seem to do anything with any significant overclock. If it was a silicon lottery issue, I'd grin and bear it, but honestly I couldn't tell you. When I alter the voltage the card just kind of does what it wants. I'm just trying to find the maximum stable Overclock before putting it underwater and attempting some hard mods.

It's weird. Is there a step I'm missing after a bios flash? Does boost always act like this? Is my card just retarded?

Any help or advice at all is greatly appreciated.
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How many bios'es have you tried? For my card, I've only had 2 or so that gave decent results out of many that I have tried. Also, have you figured out your card's max OC on the stock bios? I would suggest you do because it gives you a good baseline to try other bios'es off of. Sometimes getting a good bios that works well can be tricky, and it just takes a lot of trial and error.
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That I definitely did do. My max boost without a voltage bump was in the early 1200's.

So I should just flash different bios till one makese sense and works?
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Does the signature 2 series have issues with it's bios? Anyone?
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It shouldn't have any more or less trouble, it just depends on the card itself.
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