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So ive been running a Corsair H50 for 3 years now, and i know the warranty period is long gone only carried a 2 year warranty. Over the years ive enjoyed it but i know its time is coming to an end... Before it starts to leek I want to go ahead and upgrade to something that i could at least use to overclock up to about a 3.8 - 4.0 GHz range.

The H50 gives me a steady idle temp of about 38°C and a load temp of about 53°C (running 95 prime for about an hour). CFM wise it only flows about 57CFM and i have had it in a Push pull configuration to help with my CPU temps (only want a max of 55°C).

So here i am looking for suggestions on Coolers. I Would like to run 4 sticks of ram (16GB) only for the soul purpose of programming 3D rendering and doing some CAD design. Looking at whats available it looks like the Corsair 212 evo may be a decent choice but i was wondering what else there is. Thanks ahead of time

I probably should add I want to make sure that the fans can situate for proper air flow though the computer.

PC specs:
MOBO: Crosshair III
CPU & Cooler: Phenom II x4 965 BE (deneb) 3.4GHz / Corsair H50 (looking to upgrade)
MEMORY: G.Skill Ripjaws Seires 4x4GB
VIDEO CARD: Diamond AMD Radeon 5870 (x2 X-fire)
HDDs/Optical drives: 1 - 120GB Corsair Force SSD, 2 - 1TB Western Digital
SOUND DEVICE: Onboard - (Sound Blaster Card for MOBO)
O/S: Windows 7 Ultimate
Case: Thermaltake Speedo Advanced Full Tower
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