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Hey all. In the midst of a busy week I completely forgot to check back on this. Thanks everyone for the responses. I guess the template request got more attention than the content piece, but that's cool. smile.gif
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If the look and feel is all you're after have you tried this web app?

Hadn't seen that before, I'll give it a whirl. Thanks!
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This is basically what mine looks like.

Yep, mine is about as boring as that and I have not had any trouble getting employment. The thing just gets scanned for keywords and barely read anyway. Graphic designers need to worry about making it pretty. I put effort into my cover letters though (content-wise, not design).

Mine's pretty classic like that one as well. The problem is that the way I formatted it originally has made it difficult to work with down the road, so I need to fix that.
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So you can supposedly use advanced IDEs, debugging tools and complex text editors like vi or emacs but fail at formatting word documents? I'd assume these are some transferable skills you should get as a tech guy. I believe any half-decent programmer should be able to write their resume in latex and have a script to generate a doc, pdf and html version from it tongue.gif

So, regarding this... as I mentioned, mine looks decent at the moment, but it's inflexible because of the way I formatted it. Word works, and I'm acceptable at it, but in my experience formatting can be clunky. Although I hadn't thought of using latex (only have used a few times, in a class last spring); is there an easy environment to get set up in? I had to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it going for class, if I remember correctly.