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You sir are getting my vote for this months mod of the month.

It was a tight choice between you and the "Bucket List" build, the idea of using those tight bend acrylic tubes is awesome.

But you aesthetics just won for me. I love those straight tubes, makes it real clean looking.
Also the way you make all the tubes disappear next to each other in the bottom is awesome IMO. Maybe I missed it but do you have pictures of showing how they end up in the bottom?

Last but not least the blood red coolant really makes it look alive.

You deserve this months price.

thanks biggrin.gif

this is under the midplate.
is a picture during the final decision drum.gif

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Looks awesome! that vertical tubing on the gpu's is amazing.

But, there's one thing i don't like about this build, and that are the pump covers. They are nearly pink, really takes away from all the other beautiful red accents in the rig.

thanks thumb.gif
the covers D5 are beautiful but they have a strange color oneeyedsmiley02.png