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Updating BIOS

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I did my newest BIOS update via the BIOS. I was wondering where does the BIOS file save to? Somewhere on the HDD or somewhere directly to the motherboard's flash? Does it even have flash?
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BIOS image is stored in BIOS chip that is soldered into motherboard.
the bios chip on your motherboard is located near the sata connections
you dont need hard drive for your computer to work.
you can remove your hdd and your computer will still boot up, infact right now i haven't got any hard drive in my laptop, im using ubuntu on a pen drive

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So where is the .ROM stored that is downloaded? I know it has it installed or flashed onto the BIOS chip but I just don't know where the img goes before it installs.
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if a motherboard only has 1 bios chip, when you choose to save the bios file is bios you either save it to hdd or removable device. are we talking about flashing bios file through windows or bios?
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We are talking about the option in the BIOS to update via your lan connection. So that file that gets downloaded, how can I delete it as it is no longer needed?
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it was downloaded to RAM, after restarting computer the file is deleted.
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Alright. Thank you. That is what I wished to know!
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