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Then by your definition just about any current-model chip not made by Frito-Lay would be classed as "high performance", leading the term to lose all its meaning. I know you're a big AMD supporter and want to portray their products in the best possible light, but you should know better than that.

If an APU can put up high performance due to OpenCL or such, why would it not be classified as a high-performance part? Is it because if the same app only relied on the CPU, it's not high-performance compared to a $1000 chip? That's just stupid. That's like saying "oh, this i7-3960k isn't high-performance because it can't run BF3 by itself and get more than ten frames!"
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I will state a point I made in another thread here (and maybe this time I wont get the unnecessary hate). APUs are in fact CPUs as well. Akin to what Intel has done for quite some time. I see AMD is shifting its focus, not away from desktop, but towards a slight shift in strategy. For years AMD has been unsuccessful in altering the software market to utilize its architecture and instruction set/compilers. But now with the addition of the consoles, they actually look to have an opportunity to make these changes happen. And it is the software that will help AMDs standing not so much the cores as most want to debate.

And also one has to keep in mind that HSA is going to be the catalyst for more powerful computing on AMD. The 6800k is a good example: The 6800k is a quality chip that performs likely in the low-to-mid mid-range. Not a top line enthusiast chip by most standards. However with HSA it could very well perform on par with the conventional low-mid high-range. Don't forget that if the software gets programmed with use of AMD instruction sets/compilers it just gets that much better. But most of this is speculation for now. All I have seen is Adobe with use of HSA (not sure if it was full implementation or just standard gpu acceleration).

And for those that talk of the end of FX, well it is likely that the conventional AMD chip is done. APUs are AMDs focus. But keep in mind as APU gain in strength and tech they may very well surpass the FX in short time. And I am pretty sure with the addition of a discrete GPU the APU will still utilize the iGPU for performance, so there is no loss there.
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Originally Posted by Seronx View Post

It is actually 4-way but somehow AMD messed up and in the CPUID placed it down as 2-way.

Lol where do you get these facts from?

It's 2-way 64KB like K10. However K10 doesn't have to deal with 2-threads per core.

I should also mention (because I've never heard it said before), but nehalem and its successors share all the resources of the core between 2 threads as well (hyperthreading)! Shared resources aren't a bad thing if those resources can amply support two threads simultaneously. Sandy bridge's L1 i-cache is 8-way 32KB for this reason. For better SMT, intel will probably make the cache larger in the future.

Bulldozer's shared FPU is beefy enough as it is to support two threads, it just needs to be "fed faster". It was also bottlenecked by relying on INT core's load-store units, but each INT core's load-store throughput seems to have been greatly increased for steamroller. Perhaps excavator will give the FPU its own LSU.
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As a follow up to my earlier post, on the page 10 of the given PDF


bulldozer could only dispatch and retire 1 128 bit store/cycle.

This has been doubled in steamroller (according to leaked info from http://www.brightsideofnews.com/news/2013/3/6/analysis-amd-kaveri-apu-and-steamroller-core-architectural-enhancements-unveiled.aspx)
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The more I read the PDF i posted, the more I doh.gif. Zambezi had four on die HT links, but on AM3+ only one is used to link to the northbridge. 42 PCIe lanes bottlenecked by a link with 12.8 GB/s of aggregate bandwidth!
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Spent a good deal of time last night going over this site http://developer.amd.com/community/hsa-foundation/ . What I take from this is HSA is a utilization of current architecture and code within software to decrease power consumption yet have higher performance yields whilst doing so. Seems the concept, now an actual guideline, is more geared toward mobile where power and performance are critical factors. Seems AMD is trying to roll that over to desktop as well. Anyway it has a lot of good information, I now have a better understanding of it.
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will existing FM2 boards work with this? because FM1 wasnt around for long and then FM2 came along (glad i waited). It seems that trinity started to take off and richland is trundling at about the same level where trinity left off perhaps with a slight rise as people see them as a cheap viable platform. I know richland will work on my FM2 board with a bios update but is FM2+ a new socket already? it may not seem much of a bite for FM1 owners but it feels like FM2 has only been available for actual purchase in terms of a good board for 6 - 7 months ? Were not talking APU line ups here you supposed to swap the board much less often on AMD?

I already got bit with my AM3 not being AM3 plus and therefore been stuck on a 1055T until i perform a full upgrade now, which may end up being either selling the AM3 setup entirely and going intel OR if i can get Kaveri in then selling the Trinity and making my main rig a Kaveri

so for me its important that i can use this APU but i suspect being AMD they will slap me once more in the face rolleyes.gif
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Kaveri = Socket FM2+ only. All pre-existing FM2 CPU's and APU's will work in FM2+ as well.
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Originally Posted by NaroonGTX View Post

Kaveri = Socket FM2+ only. All pre-existing FM2 CPU's and APU's will work in FM2+ as well.


they better start whole sale beefing up the performance of each release if there going to be using a whole new socket every year *(by the time the stuff hits the shelves)
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Originally Posted by phill1978 View Post

I already got bit with my AM3 not being AM3 plus...

Lol, i hear ya. biggrin.gif
But I don't think Kaveri will be FM2 compatible.

Edit: Too slow. frown.gif
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