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Well any 12" motherboard will fit but like mentioned, it'll be extremely cramped. I've looked as a couple of builds utilizing a mid-atx mothorboard and it's very tight. Cable management will be strict. Hell, one even added a watercooling system in. I think it will work but I don't want to buy a motherboard not knowing if it will fit.

I really do like the simplicity this case has to offer. It's very sleek yet stylish with the mesh. It also has 8 fan locations so I don't think heating will be much of an issue as long as I dial in for the right fan speeds throughout each fan.

I may opt for watercooling myself in the future but for now, I'll keep it entry level. A basis for my return into the computer building world and go from there. The only true bad thing about this board is not only that it doesn't meet some peoples need for speed and more airflow than a wind tunnel but the drive bay locations. If I were to install more than say 4 hard drives than I would need to reposition them or else contact betwen GPU and drive will become an issue. To easy with as many bays as this mid tower has.

Here are the physical specs between case and board...

NZXT Tempest 210

- Dimensions: 7.6" x 17.9" x 19.3"
- Total Weight 14.5lbs
- Motherboard Support: ATX, mini-ATX, micro-ATX
- External Connections: 1 x HD Audio/Mic, 1 x USB, 1 x USB 3.0
- External 5.25” Bay Slots: 3
- Internal 3.5” Bay Slots: 8
- Expansion Slots: 7

EDIT: Also, I thought I'd add this in from a review...

NZXT Tempest 210 Clearance specs:
- VGA Support – 230mm w/hard drive, 330mm w/o hard drive
- CPU Heatsink Support – 160mm
- Wiring Space Support – 20mm


MSI Z87-G45
- Form Factor: ATX
- Dimensions: 12.0" x 9.6"
- Power Pin: 24 Pin

Since this c

By the way, my case was scheduled for delivery today. I had to work a little bit later and the front office of my apartment complex closed early. I'm sure the mail man left it there so I'll have to go tomorrow to get it. I'll post pictures of the un-boxing of the case. Lol. As if they can't already be found online but at least it'll add a little bit of excitement to this thread as it is starting to become rather boring. I know.
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