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For Sale:
SLI EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked w/ Koolance VID-NX480 Water Block (BIOS modded cards)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Payment: Paypal, Amazon or Cash
Heatware: Carlitos714 89-0
Located : San Diego, California
Prices: $300 shipped via priority mail or 160 shipped for each two blocks sold and 1 pcb sold. closed for now
Shipping: local pickup OK and will NOT ship international at all
Reason For Selling: need to SLI my lonley GTX 680 or get a Korean 1440p m onitor?
Trades: Nada and nothing

For sale or 2 x EVGA 015-P3-1482-AR GTX 480 SuperClocked w/ koolance waterblocks. will included 1 original box.

These cards have modded bios and voltage can be bumped up to 1.212 v but the cards can only handle 1.163v. Anything past 1.163 the cards will fail even on stock during stress testing. The cards run stock @ 1.1 v @ 726 Mhz.

It includes the cards and the waterblocks only. No stock cooler. When I had the cards in my rig they had the single slot bracket (not available btw) so I just recently mounted the original dual slot bracket. I had the original brackets stored inside a storage cabinet in my balcony. They were actually inside an empty gtx 480 original box. As you can see they developed rust.

I ran these cards at a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and played Crysis 3 and BF3 very well. So at 1080 it will get better FPS. Check out the link, I have various gaming videos I made. Remember while recording with Afterburner I lost 5-10 fps. I currently have a GTX 680 and the 480's destroys the 680 in every game and benchmark by a good amount. They cards are simply beast and had go get rid of them but, I am going to SLI my 680 so I need the $$ to fund that purchase.

Feel free to ask questions.

Look at the videos and see what kind of overclocks I got.
Ran the core anywhere from 850-880 mhz. Can't remember the memory.
Just know you might have different results.

video links

More pics here


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