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12.04 LTS uses kernel 3.2, which has some interesting quirks on newer hardware. It does brilliantly on my ultraportable (which is getting a little long in the tooth) but on any system I've tried it with that has USB3, kernel 3.2 will randomly kernel panic (for OP: essentially the linux equivalent of a BSOD) when plugging in/out or reading from/writing to a USB3 device. It's happened to me with multiple USB3 controllers on different systems. And it's a real pain in the neck.


You can install a 13.04 kernel into 12.04 thanks to LTS Enablement Stack. Here you can see the packages for 12.04 LTS. Note that if you want to use this kernel (from 13.04) you should also use from 13.04 because that's the supported method.

There is also Ubuntu Mainline Kernel PPA which provides the newest kernel versions. You can for example easily test 3.11 kernel even on Raring or Precise (don't look at the saucy tag).
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IMO you are in the wrong, although very common, frame of mind thinking of "migrating everything to Linux." when first learning about Linux. Linux is great yes, but so is Windows, and so is Apple OSX. Everything has it's strength and weaknesses so there is no better, just different, and it's up to the user to decide which tool to use for what purpose. If there is any 1 OS that does it all the best, it is Windows.
That's just your opinion. I feel handicapped whenever I have to use Windows (which thankfully isn't often)
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I think mint is more user friendly then ubuntu for first time users also mint is more lighter and faster if you have the older hardware but in the end linux is linux dont matter what you use linux is just better then crapple and microshaft smile.gif
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I've been trying Mint off of a usb flash drive. I like Mint with Xfce. It was easy to get the feel for it coming from Win 7. I got it up and going with the Universal USB Installer.

It's fine for general use and multimedia.

I've been trying it with my FX 6300 and a GTX 660.
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ubuntu! biggrin.gif
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