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Did you come with a solution yet?

I was also an engineering student. I used my tf300 with a keyboard to take notes and used the stylus to make graphs. I used the app supernote.

Now, a carry nexus 7 (2013) for all my books and use the outlook calender for all my assignments, when projects are due. ( I use outlook at work which is nice to show two calenders) and macbook air running only windows 8 at work and school (graduate classes) I use evernote.. I checked out Onenote and looked pretty powerful but really haven't messed with it much.

I decided to get rid of tf300 it was to to big for needs because I needed a labtop anyways to run matlab, Solidworks, Inventor and NX on. I didn't want a touch device because I can type far faster then I can write. I made an excel blank with bunch of graphs and fill them when/if needed and copy them to evernote. I didnt like a book up on my screen when I trying to do something else so I use my nexus for reading and a planner.

For a tablet? Not yet; but as of yet the options are very limited. It's rather annoying to look for tablets with a stylus as well, as most don't really make it clear if it is support or not. Right now, the only ones I would consider is the surface pro, the Lenovo X series like benpack101 suggested (but it's rather dated), or the helix. I've decided not to grab a tablet, yet, and wait for next year.

For software, I use a combination of both, now. I ended up grabbing office 365 and love it. The mobile versions are rather limited, but having skydrive and the ease of uploading and altering the files on the go is great. I put all my documents on skydrive and 20GB is absolutely plenty. Right now, since I was using dropbox and google drive, I constantly switch and merely keep the important files on the skydrive. Having 5 devices to install a personal copy of word, while have 20GB of storage, and Skype minutes to make calls overseas is great for 100 bucks a month. If the machine already has word it's just a simple download the file and upload it again afterwards. Still haven't been able to play with OneNote and set it up, but with what ben said, it'll work great. Good thing with a Windows 8 tablet would be that outlook would sync all your calendars as well (but I'm still checking on that). My only gripe about office 365 is that it's mobile version is limited, but still better then drive, and doesn't offer enough to use on the go with my phone. But if I need to look at any file off of skydrive and make minor corrections, no problem from the phone. A calculation screw up in excel, easily fixed. I'm liking it. I'm also using skydrive to keep photos for personal use. I'm actually liking the cloud service.

Legacy software is also the reason why I'm making sure the tablet also has a keyboard. Matlab and all the other CAD software needs to be working along side office and onenote. If I'm using the school machines when I need a powerhouse then I could just open skydrive and have all my files there and use the tablet for notes/second display for the projects, etc. And then it's easily sync to the school machines as you simply go to skydrive and load it up. You can do that with dropbox, but it seems more convenient with skydrive right now.

That was another thing I forgot to mention; it would be good to have a complete hub for my calenders as well. At least outlook is suppose to sync that, but I haven't looked too much into it. I'll work on that.

Onenote is great; my problem eventually became that the zoom feature constantly screwed up my notes and I'd end up writing 30 pages of notes just to find out I zoomed in and now the notes were all over the place. Or if I moved to far to one eventually became a hassle. Then came problems when I didn't have my laptop with my and still needed the notes I couldn't update them or have them on me. The cloud drive saves me from that. And if I have everything set in a page view, well, project papers/math work was so much easier. Having the pdf of your entire calculus course and one note side by side by merely switching back and forth was nice. I can't remember if you could muck up pdfs with notes as well. Either or, for the most part, even when I had it set up wrong, it was helpful. You just need to have it properly set up to not run into any issues and work out all the kinks of your text books and whatnot long before you just make the switch.

Taking math notes was so much easier. Man, I loved it. If you needed to highlight or change the colour to distinguish vectors, or heck, in your dynamics/statics courses in your drawings, it made it a heck of a lot easier. But then I didn't know how to print them properly. So again, it all depends how you set it up.
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