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Hey guys, my G9x died and I'm waiting for Logitech to reply to my RMA request. In the mean time I've been looking at other mice since I was never a big fan of the G9x anyways, and I don't like any of the new Logitech mice they'd send me if my RMA does get approved. So I was looking at the Func MS-3 because I have large hands and it looks great. My only question is for all the current owner of this mouse out there.. how does it perform in Windows 8? I do not feel like re-formatting and installing Windows 7 to get a mouse working. I don't necessarily need profiles (though it'd be nice), but I've read several posts of the thing online where people say it's not detected correctly in W8. Is this true? Because locally there's a store that sells it, but has a 15% restocking fee. I don't feel like paying $13 in restocking fees just because it doesn't work on my OS, and I don't even know how comfy it is because the store didn't have a demo model. =\ Any help guys?