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My setup is a WHS 2011 server with a my user/name folder being stored on the server. Offline mode is active, and I have no problem with making changes, deleting or modifying the contents of the folder except one minor exception.

If I were to change my file, like my_Music.mp3 into My_Music.mp3, it'll be like "you need permission from your server\user\" to make the changes to it...the hell? When changing from lower to upper, or upper to lower case, that's the ONLY time that it ask for permission. Deleting, or adding something to it doesn't require permission.

But if I were to change it to my1_Music.mp3 and than rename it back to My_Music.mp3, it'll work. Odd bug? It's a minor annoyance because it is possible to go around it, like copying the file to my local HDD and than changing it and copying it over to my server folder. I try googling but only find one user with this problem.

Same problem as this guy here.

Very similar except I don't have a domain. Anyone else ever had this problem? Or know anyway to go around to fixing it?
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