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I Recently bought an old Gtx 560 from a friend. I like overclocking, and was terrifed when i found that the model of 560 i had was locked at 75% fan speed. Even with MSI afterburner the GPU fan speed slider wouldn't go higher than 75% and the RPM of the fan wouldn't go higher than 3700. I looked around the web and found that multiple people had the same problem as me. So i took it upon myself to fix it.

Before i start telling you to cut important wires and stuff, im gonna put a little disclaimer, if you break your GPU don't come crying to me. This procedure also puts the fan speed at 100% all the time (unless you have a fan speed controller, i'll explain that in step 4)

Now, if you weren't scared away by the disclaimer, you gotta make sure you have the neccesary items to start rigging.

- Wire cutters (or at least something to cut the rubber casing around the wires without cutting the wire itself)
- Anti-Static wristband ( You don't NEED it but it's recommended)

Step 1

Turn off your computer and take the GPU out of the computer.

Step 2

Locate the fan header on your GPU and pull it out.

Step 3

Now we're gonna start cutting wires, here's a diagram of the fan header

1 Ground - Black
2 12 V - Yellow
3 RPM - Green
4 Control - Blue

The first wire you're gonna want to cut is the blue wire, this is the wire that limits the fan speed. For me, cutting only the blue wire didnt remove the limiter. Before you cut the next wire, put some non conductive material over the end of the blue one (for example, duct tape). Start up your computer and check the RPM in a fan monitoring program, if your fan RPM is 4100, have succsessfully ghetto rigged your card.

Step 4 (optional)

I personally dont like when my computer is loud, so this step will explain how to put the speed of the fan down after cutting the controller wire. What you need is a fan speed contoller console ( Pretty sure they're cheap, look it up). You have to cut the yellow wire on the molex thats connected to the console. You have to wrap this wire around the yellow wire on your gpu header. If you do it right you can use the console to control the speed of the Gpu fan.

Any questions? Just post 'em in the comments and ill get back to you as soon as possible.
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