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My specs are in my bucket below. long story short... I had rapid response and had two drives combined. The power went out and I lost my cache so I took it off of raid or I couldn't run windows. No biggie , has happened before.

But I kinda read after that if your using rapid response, you not suppose to use Rapid start...I actually had to manually set it to work threw msprompt, since I'm running windows 8x64. Well because I had response never worked until I took my RAID off.

Now it powers down and all that and it seems like sometimes its hypernating but the lights are on...seems not to work....but in Rapid start (where it actually powers down the computer even more.lights turn off but not really off , deep sleep..etc) seems like no problem. I have to use a hdmi cord or I can't watch true HD DVD's for some reason. The error I get is no signal , but I can hear the computer power back up.

I would like to keep it working since it does seem like it would help my electric bill.

I'm running the latest AMD beta Cataylist. I was wondering if reverting might help. Would it help or work to somehow toggle/macro a sleep key so maybe I could get my monitor wake? If anyone knows what my issue might be, or has a ideal, it would be awesome.