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It's not the cooler, it's not the cpu, it's not the case. What's left? Bad motherboard? Everybody has a bad day.
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How many fans for intake and exhaust in the case?
How many video cards are you running?
What speed or speeds are the cpu cooler fans running at?

Try installing a small fan on the back side of your motherboard tray blowing directly at the back of the socket.

Took out some questions as i didn't notice them in the first post.

Honestly that board may be a good budget board but to run the 8350 it just doesn't truly have the ability to handle it. with the 8350 you are drawing 125w through that CPU socket which is going to heat it up rather well. if you can return either trade the motherboard in for any 990fx asus board, or if you can only exchange the CPU at this point try the 6300 or the 6350 if it is also a 95w processor. Anything you can do to put air onto the socket and VRM cooling is going to help you not have throttling unless the board is just bad.
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1x 200mm front, 1x 200mm top, 1x 120mm back.

One Radeon 7950.

1400 rpm cpu fan.

I used the same mb with a deneb 965, which is also a 125w cpu. OC'd it as well without problems.
But I dunno... I checked out a couple of newer boards online, but do they actually run cooler on the socket? Couldn't find any info on that.

The psu is a Corsair HX 620. Should be enough/doesn't affect temps?
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My socket at idle is ~42C on my Crosshair V Formula Z running 4.2 GHz at 1.375v. Whatever the other temp sensor on the board is reading is usually around 32C, and i honestly don't know what this sensor is getting data from. My rear fan is running as intake though which is blowing some air across the VRM heatsink which may cool the socket a LITTLE bit, but prolly not much if at all. Obviously my case is different, but its possible the air coming in from the large intake fan in front is being pulled out too quickly and it is unable to cool the CPU/Socket efficiently.

Sadly there are many things it could be. Including the motherboard being unable to properly handle that particular CPU. If you have the money check out this motherboard and see what happens.

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