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my i7920 runs well and as I am not gaming at the moment i run at 3.4 with default voltage - brilliant chip!

Cannot see myself updating now except my gpu which I am now waiting on till better deals come along thumb.gif
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I tend to try to keep 1920x1080, using a dell st 2410 monitor, i tend to have to use v-sync in most games due to horizontal tearing. reason i feel there is a bottleneck of somekind is like you said i get fps drops in games that should be a breeze i.e. metro 2033 - can't max play at max settings which for an older game i thought weird, other games will experience random fps drops etc.
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OC your chip at stock voltage 1st see what it can do - not all chips are equal and if I was running stock speed i can way undervolt it thumb.gif

When I had my hd7970 and using a single card at 1080p games ran well - i believe Evga Gtx 670 2GB is no slouch

metro 2033 was the pigs ear - wasn't the best game too run with any card at that time!
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