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Hello everyone.
After using my P7N2 Diamond with a stock E8200 @ 2.66 Ghz for years now, I want to give overclocking a shot before building up a completely new system. I tried it a few times now but always failed.

First of all, my system:
Mainboard: MSI P7N2 Diamond
RAM: 2x TeamGroup Inc TED 34096M DDR3 1333 MHz Elite CL 9-9-9-24 (rated at 1.5V)
Cooling: Scythe Ninja 2 with 120mm fan
CPU: E8200 C0 @2.66 GHz

I read about the basics of overclocking and tried to set as many voltages to a "default" value as possible. In a thread about oc'ing a EVGA 790i board a person wrote, that he left almost all values on [auto] since the board wouldn't increase them randomly but moderate without that much risk.
Does this apply to the MSI board aswell?

So this are the options for setting the voltages in the BIOS:

D.O.T. Control (1 - 15%) [disabled]
Intel EIST [disabled]
System Clock (Auto, Linked, Unlinked) [unlinked]
Adjust DRAM Frequency
Adjust CPU Ratio [Speedstep technology must be disabled]
DRAM Timing Mode (Auto / Manual)
PCI-E Frequency (100-200 Mhz)
MCP PCI-E Frequency (100-200 Mhz)
CPU Voltage 0,0125 - 0,3875
DRAM Voltage (V) 1.50 V - 2.40 V
SB Voltage (V) 1.525 V - 2.000 V
NB Voltage (V) 1.225 V - 1.600 V
PCI Expander PLL Voltage 2.551 V - 3.265 V
DIMM Memory Reference Voltage 0.485 V - 1.200 V
Memory Terminator Voltage 0.485 V - 1.200 V
CPU GTL Reference Voltage 0.779 V - 0.827 V
NB GTL Reference Voltage 0.709 V - 0.831 V
FSB Terminator Voltage 1.056 V - 1.313 V
SB Sleep Mode Voltage 1.374 V - 1.660 V
Spread Spectrum (Enable / Disable) [disabled]
Excetute Bit Support [disabled]
HPET [disabled]

First of all, I tried to get a stable build witout [auto] voltages, but I failed to get it stable.
I set the DRam Voltage to 1.5V and set the timings to 9-9-9-24 T2, the other timings are on auto.
System Clock unlinked
DRam Clock 1333 MHz
CPU Clock 1333 MHz
CPU Voltage +0.025
SB Voltage 1.525
NB Voltage 1.35
PCI Expander PLL Voltage 2.551
FSB Terminator Voltage 1.056
Everything else on auto

If I increase the CPU Clock a little, the PC doesn't boot anymore.
And to be honest, I am not sure if those values are okay or not for a basis. Looks like there are only a few 790i MSI boards out there because I couldn't find good reference values.
Tried playing around with some of those values but didn't get very far. Once I managed the PC to boot but then the Ethernet had trouble, I guess not enough NB voltage? On another instance my system freezed while running prime95 large.

I would appreciate some help with overclocking this board.
Is it safe to keep the PLL and the FSB Voltage on Auto? Can anybody suggest some stable stock values for the SB and NB? Not sure where I should begin.

There is also a thing I was wondering about: In your TT review of the P7N2, you mentioned the following for PLL and VTT:

"PCI Expander PLL Voltage: -63 to 80 in Various Increments"
"FSB Termination Voltage: -80 to 63 in Various Increments"

If I compare this with what my mainboard gives, it's completely different:

PCI Expander PLL Voltage 2.551 V - 3.265 V
FSB Terminator Voltage 1.056 V - 1.313 V

The PLL voltage is giving me a huge headache.. on no other 790i board I read about, that voltage is supposed to be that high..

Is it safe to keep those two voltages on Auto? Sadly the bios won't show me the current values..
I tried contacting MSI Germany for some reference values for the PLL and the VTT but sadly I got no answer yet. Looking at search results, it looks like the board didn't sell that well. :S

So, any MSI 790i expert out there? :]