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Cooling fan mounts

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I am just asking, is there anything that I could use to help my new 2x660 FTW to keep cooler. Any fans that can be mounted onto the side of the GPU's. Not sure what to get unless zip tying on some 120mm lol. not really wanting to do that. I have seen pictures of other builds that have 2 GPU's SLI also and it looks like they have a after market fan system attached onto there GPU's, also it looks cool too..
Thanks to all that apply
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I would attempt better case cooling before moving on to aftermarket coolers. It's often much cheaper and effective. What sort of case fan setup do you have? It may be that an extra exhaust or intake fan installed in your case can quite literally cause a large drop in temps, so let's start there. thumb.gif
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I am using a AzzA Hurrican 2000 case. I am getting 2x200mm NZXT case fans for the side intake, the ones installed there now just do not give out that much airflow. Also would like to replace the 2x120mm cougar fans in the front that after install with the case filters on them, just seem like hardly no airflow with the filters on, even with them off they seem not to give the airflow I would like. Just stuck at what fans to use since they have to be 20mm thick in the front. they are mounted onto a door that opens to expose the HDD trays and the hot swap bays. just was playing metro last light and the gpu got to 66c might have been higher. never seen it get that hot before.

If you have any suggestions on fans, like some good 120mm fans. thanks for the info
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My AzzA Hurrican 2000 has:

2x200 mm top exhaust fans ( these seem to be ok for now, would like to replace these but that is a pain on this case)
1x120mm right side case fan intake (CPU, Mobo Cooler)
2x120mm front intake (these are also needing something with more push)
1x120mm rear out take ( with my evo 212 push pull airflow exhausting out with this fan)
2x200mm side intake fans (these are the ones that I need to replace, hurry up Wednesday lol)
1xAMD Delta CPU fan installed onto the case HDD trays, airflow going towards the GPU's
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I would actually give this a try:

Set the two front fans to intake. Set the two side fans, the PSU fan, and back fan up so that they are exhausting the case. Oftentimes a hot GPU needs more air exhausted, a hot CPU needs more cool air intake.

I had a small Silverstone Sugo SG05 case that was running warm to the touch. When I flipped the PSU around so that it was exhausting the case, my temps dropped noticeably. I would give it a shot, see what happens!
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using a Cooler Master V850 the fan is placed on the bottom of my case and pulls air up and out the back.. Do you know of any good airflow 120mm fans
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Originally Posted by Nobsod35 View Post

using a Cooler Master V850 the fan is placed on the bottom of my case and pulls air up and out the back.. Do you know of any good airflow 120mm fans

That may be a problem, if there is heat trapped between the GPU and PSU your back fan won't exhaust it from the case! I know it sounds weird to set up so many exhaust fans, but I would give it a try. Your PSU isn't going to overheat by pulling warm air away from the GPUs. More than likely, the PSU is running with *plenty* thermal headroom.

To answer your 2nd question I'm not an expert on airflow, maybe someone else can pitch in here. I know Silverstone has a 120mm AP "Air Penetrator" series that is designed to channel air through the case. Don't know how well it compares to other fans, I haven't purchased many fans because I simply re-configure them and that usually solves my heat probs. thumb.gif

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I have 2x200mm fans on the left side case cover, they are vertical one on top one right below that one. I switched the bottom one which is right in front of the GPU cards, to exhaust and the top to intake still, have also did a Zip tie fan mod on the inside of my case. I took 2x60mm delta Cpu amd heatsink fans and zipped tied them to the drive trays, with airflow directed towards each of the GPU cards. This in all has helped, I am replacing the side case fans with some NZXT FS-200 be fans, also replacing the front fans with cooler master blade master case cooler fans from my Heatsink then putting 2x120mm Delta 3400 rpm pwm fans onto my cooler master Evo 212, doing this cause have read that these delta fans really are good to use with those style of cpu coolers
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