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I thought I'd have a go sleeving my Silverstone power supply, so I've bought all the necessary gear, and started last night.
Once I ripped the factory sleeving off, ive noticed that some of the 8 pin to 6 pin pcie cables are wired slightly differently (grounds don't correspond to the same point on the other end of the connector from cable to cable)
All the live wires are done the same between the two, but the 5 grounds aren't identically wired from cable to cable

My first question is, can I rewire one cable so its like the other, so that my colour scheme & sequence matches? (the cables have identical function, there is no difference in the connectors)

Secondly, as the cables still cross over once wired, can I re-jig the grounds so that all the cables are in parallel? This would make my sleeving job so much neater!

Thirdly,As this is a Silverstone PSU and I've seen conflicting reports on this, can I safely remove the capacitors and ferrite blocks from the pcie cables?
Silverstone sell factory sleeved replacement cables, and they don't have either on, so I presume its okay to do the same?

Many thanks in advance
Hope I've explained myself clearly!