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Problems with Razer Orbweaver (and Synapse 2.0)

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Hi guys,

I have a big stability issue with my new Razer Orbweaver (a gaming Keypad). I hope you can help me (or at least get the word out). If you have comments or suggestions, please let me know.

Well, let's start at the beginning. I bought my Orbweaver in a fit of utter stupidity. Don't get me wrong. Its a nice product. The ergonomics are fine and it works fine (when it works), but i have a big stability issue. And I think i know the culprit. The mandatory Synapse 2.0.

Let me describe the issue in more detail. The keypad has 50 odd keys. With Synapse you can assign a key to hot-switch the keymap so you can use and assign even more keys. You can also assign a function to a key that then - when pressed - switches the keypad to keymap 2, and that - when released - switches the keypad back to keymap 1. All in all this works fine. Unless it randomly crashes the Orbweaver (sometimes it doe, sometimes it doesn't). Which it does. The Orbweaver gets stuck in a keymap and stops working until you unplug the Orbweaver, end the process (via taskmanager), restart Synapse, and replug the Orbweaver. This can also crash the system or create some other bs problem. I play Sc2 with the gamepad. I lose a lot.

I contacted Razer support on this issue. However, after almost a month of seeking a solution the problem still exists. I'm trying to find out if it is my laptop and if i need to go through the hassle of doing a format, or if its the Orbweaver (or Synapse). The latter seems to be the most likely. Why one would ask? Well i entered the phrase "Synapse 2.0 stability" into google. The gates of hell opened.

After 3 escalations, the support team asked for my Synapse logs which i provided. They responded by telling me that i seem to have an unstable connection and that this might create stability issues for my system. They suggested that i needed to try and use Synapse in offline mode. This comes over as a standard 'tech support runaround' (have you restarted your computer? why don't you use an ethernet cable, see if that solves the problem? Do you use any hair product? Is there anything else randomly and unrelated i can ask you to do to give up and stop bothering us?). I told them i had already tried this and that it didn't solve anything. This was last Tuesday. I haven't gotten any response back, but I'm extremely worried that the true issue is that Synapse 2.0 is a ****ty piece of software, that they will never admit this and that they will keep avoiding the issue.

A little side note on Synapse 2.0. Issues we're already raised by channelx99 in this topic. Let me just add the following strange thing. Even in offline mode however, synapse logs show the following (If you have Synapse installed, you can find these logs in [Drive\Program Data\Razer\Synapse\Logs]. Its one of the .txt's.
2013-08-10 22:24:18,518 [SynpaseMain::836] DEBUG Razer.Storage.COPProtocol.COPRequest [(null)] - COP-SEND:failed, cod=ConnectFailure
2013-08-10 22:24:18,519 [SynpaseMain::836] DEBUG Razer.Storage.MainStorage [(null)] - NETSTAT:Notify, status=NETWORK_TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_ERROR, count=2
2013-08-10 22:24:18,520 [SynpaseMain::836] DEBUG Razer.Emily.UI.EmilyUIMsgHandlerForm [(null)] - MsgHndlr::WM_USER_NETWORK_STATUS=NETWORK_TRANSMIT_BEGIN
2013-08-10 22:24:18,520 [SynpaseMain::836] DEBUG Razer.Emily.UI.EmilyUIMsgHandlerForm [(null)] - MsgHndlr::WM_USER_NETWORK_STATUS=NETWORK_TRANSMIT_COMPLETE_ERROR

Seems the only way to stop synapse from connecting to the internet (even in offline mode) is to blog it with your firewall. Like i did.

ANYWAY, I had a look inside the logs myself, and i think i may have found the issue. When my Orbweaver crashes, the following thing is noted in the logs:
2013-08-10 22:24:40,703 [SynpaseMain::836] DEBUG Razer.Storage.MainStorage [(null)] - StorageLoad=C:\ProgramData\Razer\Synapse\Accounts\AM_5783364\WoWSync\Orbweaver\shouldSaveWowOrbweaverAddOnSettings, status=Failed_DataNotFound

In the logs this error pops up not once, not twice, but 30 times a second until (after a few seconds) the Orbweaver crashes. Weird huh? Apparently they made a piece of software that DDOS'es my box. But maybe the issue is my unstable Internet connection. NAAAAAT

The thing that worries me is that, although i had not previously included a time code and had a look inside the logs for myself, they came up with that unstable internet BS. Why you ask? Well, this error pops up 2000+ times (in a log that resets itself after 2 days). The error isn't surrounded by any disconnection log lines. Me? i would start my search there. And! I don't even have Wow or the in the error mentioned add-on installed. Still. this crashes the gamepad. That is just frustrating.

I hope there's anyone out there who has any experience with Synapse 2.0, the Orbweaver or the Razer Support team's response to issues. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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It is not your computer. It is Razer Synapse or the faulty razer hardware. I have two Naga mice. I have the original Naga and the Naga 2014. I upgraded only because I figured the 2014 version would be much improved over the old one but I WAS WRONG. My first Naga 2014 died out in like 2 weeks and I received a replacement and which is working for the most part but I noticed that using the "switch keymap" buttons take like 3 seconds to actually switch the keymap and this is obsolete for gaming. I read a Newegg review of the Orbweaver and people are having the exact same problem.

My old first gen naga is still going strong, switches profiles instantly and Is much more comfortable, button placement is better and more responsive and much less sensitive to accidental thumb grid presses.

I regret buy the naga 2014 it is garbage compared to the original naga.
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yeah, its not the physical product, its the software.

Synapse sucks, is often buggy, and full of problems.

I'm not one to jump on band wagons ( as I use a razer mouse myself due to lack of options ) I have more trouble with the software than with the hardware.I've never had a razer product physically break, but i've had the software make them unuseable.

I have learned, that on all the supported systems, Synapse is more stable on XP and Win 7 than 8, 8.1 and OSX.
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