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Troubleshooting - what is wrong with my computer?

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I've recently swapped a faulty (ram speed related) Sabertooth Z77 mobo with an identical model. When I put everything back together, nothing boots. No beeps, just power led light. I then remove components one by one till I have one stick of ram, CPU, and CPU fan, and that's it. Still the same result. The power button, when pressed, does nothing.

I do notice, however, if I jump the power +/- via the system panel headers (where power/reset/hdd led headers are), I can get the system to start, only temporarily. No beeps, the Sabertooth Z77 just goes through a series of checks as it cycles through its red LEDs. Right when it gets to the CPU L:ED, everything cuts out and dies. This happens consistently. This is about 3 seconds after the system starts.

I then remove and reseat everything in case there was a short, and outside of the case it displays the same symptoms.

I now think it may be a bad new mobo, so I pop the old one back in. As of yesterday things were running smooth and fine.

And suddenly, I can't get this old mobo to boot! Same symptoms - power button does nothing. It requires a jump from the power +/- headers. I'm pretty baffled. However, with the old mobo, every once in ten tries I can actually get it into BIOS, and after changing to correct settings, I can actually boot into windows. Once after I get past the initial 3 seconds, everything is smooth sailing and the computer performs as if it were a normal, functioning computer.

However, if I were to restart/shutdown, I need to jump the computer to start it up again.

Can anyone diagnose / solve my issue?

I am now confused.
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Well, to post an update, this may have to do with a faulty power sw +/- header cable or the 500R's case front panel PCB being faulty, after exchanging the hardware. Maybe a crimped cable or something. Good thing I had a disassembled 800D to test everything, with the front panel header instrument to test.
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