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I'm just about to do this just waiting on a sli bridge.I'll let you know what temps I get...t:thumb:
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If you're really concerned about the temps, you could always do "The Mod", and mount a Kuhler 620 (or similar type of CLC) to the card and have it be liquid cooled - for a low price....
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just got my cards together late last night so I didnt really have a chance to do a lot of testing but, i did run furmark. One of the cards was around 3 to 5 degrees warmer under load.

oops just noticed my rear fan is backwards...rolleyes.gif
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just ran furmark again 4 times and the highest degree of difference was 10 degrees between the cards.(test was 1080 preset benchmark score:4947 82 fps, 60000ms) looks good to me:thumb:
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That's not too bad....My 2nd card just came in this morning, so I'll be able to test mine out once I get home from work....biggrin.gif

UPDATE: My top card is a little warmer than my bottom card, but it's more like 4-7*C, depending on what I'm doing.
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