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Hi Folks,
So, long story, short: I saved my OC UEFI settings to a flash drive via the OC DNA options. I knew I was going to update my UEFI to the 2.5 version, (the higher versions were attending many things having to do with Windows 8 so I just went to 2.5).

The z77 eXtreme4 mobo I have was set to version 2.0 when I did that. So I ran the update and then came time for me to reinstall my 3 OC Profiles, (2 of which ran my CPU stable at 5.0GHz), and I use the OC DNA option from AXTU and follow the instructions.

I get an alert that states I can't do it because the mobo's version is different from the version that I got the Profiles from in the first place. I'm willing to accept that if that's the bottom line, but I know there are people trading their Asrock UEFI profiles between each other and I think they can even do it when one has an eXtreme4 and the other has an eXtreme 6, for instance.

I thought as long as they both have Asrock UEFI's they're good to go. So, does anyone know how I can reinstall those saved profiles to my UEFI?

If not, can anyone tell me if "downgrading" the UEFI version back to my 2.0 can be done? The 2.5 version is no great shake and I figure that I can at least photograph the profile settings in each UEFI window if I needed to go back up to the 2.5 version afterwards.

It took a while, (small tweaks over several weeks, little by little), to get those OC profiles just right and frankly, I don't remember most of the settings. So if someone knows how I can get these back into place, it would be great.
Thanks Rich