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Black Flickering Screen crashes

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System Specs:
OS: Win 7 ultimate 64bit
Case: Corsair Carbide Series 300R Windowed
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K CPU
Cooler: CORSAIR H80
RAM: Patriot Viper 3 8GB
Video Card: GIGABYTE GV-N670OC-2GD GeForce GTX 670
PSU: Antec HCG-900 900W
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FAES 1TB 7200 RPM
SSD: Intel 320 Series SSDSA2CW160G3K5 2.5" 160GB
Optical Drive: ASUS 24X DVD BurnerPeriphery:
Monitor: Acer G235HAbd 23'' and Acer AL2016W
Keyboard: Logitech G710+
Mouse: Logitech G600
Router: D-Link Wireless N750

When I launch some 3D applications (specifically occuring with Dota2) the game will go through the menu, launch, and then when it gets in to the game the screen will do one of two or three things.

The most common is a flicker, that will come back to a black screen with audio, but no video.

The second most common, which mainly occured in WoW, though not every time it was run, but much more rarely. I get a checkerboard pattern, or complete loss of texture, followed by the black flicker and program crash.

Lastly, some times the screen simply locks up and the program crashes.

Steps taken to correct the issue:

I am running the most current drivers and have updated every iteration since I purchased the card, no changes at all between drivers.
The video card was RMA'd to gigabyte: they found nothing wrong and sent it back.

I have changed power settings, it actually crashed more and on more applications when the power was changed to 'prefer maximum performance'
the video card is currently sitting in the second PCI-E slot in my motherboard, it crashed more frequently in the first slot.

I've changed the RAM speed around, it is most stable at 1866mhz

Memory or MB maybe?

I just ran dota2 to confirm the error:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
Application Name: dota.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 51f15fdd
Hang Signature: 44f9
Hang Type: 0
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033 Additional
Hang Signature 1: 44f9a3b0e101444d9b1dfdd761a2885e
Additional Hang Signature 2: f712 A
dditional Hang Signature 3: f7124167258759ed7c0812de123b783b
Additional Hang Signature 4: 44f9 Additional
Hang Signature 5: 44f9a3b0e101444d9b1dfdd761a2885e
Additional Hang Signature 6: f712
Additional Hang Signature 7: f7124167258759ed7c0812de123b783b

I also ran a temperature monitor and voltage monitor during the even. temp at crash was 46c, and voltage never wavered. .987v throughout.
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gigabyte mobo is the worst mobo in the entire planet......change it and all will be good
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gigabyte mobo is the worst mobo in the entire planet......change it and all will be good

What a very constructive and informative post (insert sarcasm here).

Back on topic. I have experienced similiar errors with my own graphics card in the past. I can see your card isn't using stock Nvidia clocks but is overclocked from Gigabyte, and certain games doesn't support differernt clock speeds from the default ones very well. As such I would try to set the clock speeds in the applications where you have issues, and you can use MSI Afterburner for this too since that program doesn't care what brand you own to use it. I can't say if it will fix the texture problems you have in WoW, but I would give this a try to see if it will at least fix some of the issues you are having.

So with MSI Afterburner I would make 2 profiles. Save the overclocked one you have now then make another with the default clocks. Remember to save and then apply afterwards in that order or it will not save or apply the profiles. You can then always change between profiles depending on the program you are running.

Stock clocks for Geforce 670 I found on the official Nvidia website:

Graphics clock (Mhz): 915
Processor clock (Mhz): 980

Hope this helps and works with some if not all of your issues.
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well you are right.....but not "totally"....i have terrible experience with gigabyte mobo........and about default clock of gpu many games crashes with this new nvidia drivers(example metro last light benchmark physx on)...........
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gigabyte is actually the #1 for reliability asus being 2nd and asrock in 3rd place in terms of least amout of RMA's but it seems more then likely to be a gpu issue or gpu driver issue the op is having i would suggest running a prime95 run for a few hours to test stability of the ram/cpu it is most likely to be a driver issue nvidia drivers are really buggy perhaps trying an older driver would fix your issue but a prime test should tell us if its a ram/cpu/motherboard issue also run memtest86+ to check if your ram is the issue
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then retailer of gigabyte in this country are getting trash product......any idea how can i inform gigabyte so that they can help us and question them about their porr product quality......bangladesh is my country and smart bd. is the retailer...thank you in advanced
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