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I booted into a live Debian usb stick and after it installed the base files, I tried to install Grub onto sdc (which is the third hard drive the BIOS sees), but it fails with some messages

the grub-pc package failed to install into /target/

boot manually with the kernel on partition /dev/sdc1 and root =/dev/sdc1 kernel argument.

I'm at a stand still right now. Can I boot back into the Debian live and manually install grub. I can't imagine why it didn't work. I had gone through successful installations of Opensuse, Mint and xubuntu with no problems on this same drive, but when I go to install Debian, it can't install grub or lilo to the master boot record..

Also, Debian disconnected my internet connection during the install making it not possible to update files during installation.

How do I boot into my Debian installation and install grub.

I have heard that grub likes to be installed to /sda but I fail to see what the difference could be.

This will be the only OS on this drive. The question is should I configure the drive order in the BIOS so that it sees my Linux drive as the first one then reinstall?
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