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I would like to find a Haswell (LGA1150) motherboard which is really loud at rear output.
I often change from speakers on headphones and opposite therefore I'm using one reduction from 3.5mm jack on 2x3.5mm jack.
One is for headphones and the other for speakers.

I owned board with great, older Realtek ALC889 chipset and was nice loud, but ASRock Extreme4-M dassapointed me with about 50% lower volume than on the ALC889.
This user also posts that ALC1150 is quieter also:

I was wondering about Gigabyte Sniper M5, but some users reporting DPC latency, maybe it's issue only on some boards...

So my question is, do you know if exist some motherboard with good loudness for LGA1150?
Please, don't offer me external/internal sound cards.

I will appreciate any experiences wink.gif
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