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Alright, so i have the rest of my bits and my reservoirs. Here is the cpu, an i7-2600k

Here is the motherboard. Its an Asus P8P7 Deluxe

The RAM, 4x4gbs 1600 Mhz Dominator sticks.

And my reservoirs, which I assembled.

My sleeving will not be here until next week sometime, but i should have the top panel cut this weekend, and have pictures of the case fully assembled.
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Production has recommenced!

Here are some accent pieces that are florescent green.

So, the case is pretty much assembled. The following are pictures with the paper taken off.

this is the 5.25" drive bay.

this is a hot swap bay.

this accent covers the top of the reservoirs.

Im in the process of sleeving the power supply and prepping the cooling system. More pictures to come.
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Well, i was hoping to have final pictures up right now, but i have been struggling with a RAID array issue for the last two weeks. I do have construction pictures and pictures of it lit up.

I spent a good 6 hours sleeving these damn power supply cables.

After that, i began assembling the actual bits. This is the SSD mount.

I then cut a new mount for my water block.

After that, things got a bit complicated. I cut a piece of mesh for the vent on the back, but it went together like crap. Im going to re-cut the frame for it so you dont see the super glue through it. I also mounted the rear 80 mm fans and their grills.

These are mounted hard drives and a hot swap bay.

Here is the SSD rack with the two SSD's mounted. You can also see a bit of the motherboard.

Radiators were mounted onto this frame, and it wasnt easy.

Here is the cables attached to the hard drives. You will also the tops of the radiators. These were the old four hundreds that needed to be replaced. You'll see.

Cards mounted, motherboard mounted. You may have noticed the sweet little piece that's engraved with "Archon". That is holding my graphics cards up because once, a long time ago, i powder coated the mounting frames purple.

I have to go eat, but ill have more up after dinner.
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And here we go.

Power supply with the sleeved connections.

The new reservoirs. 250 mm. With a brand new dual reservoir mounting clip.

The pump and reservoir configuration. With fluorescent green pump mounts.

All of the sleeving and whatnot wired up.

This is the mounted radiators.

Me, putting the reservoir cover panel on.

From here on in, these are the most current pictures.

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