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I've got two of these 2g Cisco 200-18's in two buildings, connected by a metro ethernet connection from my fiber provider, and a backup wireless connection. I used to have two of these Cisco sg 200 -8's, and I had the two links aggregated for failover so if one went down, the other would be used instead. It worked fine, but I needed more ports, so I replaced them with the sg 200-18's. With the SG 200-18's as soon as I add the metro ethernet connection to a LAG, the lights turn off on the ports, and the link is down on one end. The other end works fine, and I have tried swapping the switches to see if that would help. For some reason, on the end with the Direct internet access, the link aggregation doesn't work. I have tried updating the firmware on the sg 100-18 with no luck, but If I put the SG 200-8 back in, it aggregates the connections just fine. Any ideas as to why?
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