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"Newbie" Some pointers are much appretiated

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I am all new to this forum and pretty new to overclocking in general, did some tweaking on my cpu about a year ago with days and days reading up and with a successful result.
I'm not by any means trying to have someone here do my dirtywork, but would appretiate some tips and pointers on where to start and maybe what to avoid.

As of now im not going to invest and replace any hardware, but interrested to see and try where I can get the biggest improvement using Afterburner etc..... As in where is my bottleneck with my current spec? I guess there is no point finetuning my GPU is my CPU etc is way to weak. Also maybe some needed info is that i'm mainly interrested in getting better performance while playing Guild Wars 2.
As of now my fps isnt the greatest and I feel it got worse after installing Windows8.
If you know of any Windows8 settings I could change to get better gaming boost, that aswell would be appretiated.

This is my current spec: (If anything is missing, please let me know)
System producer Packard Bell
System modell ixtreme M5801
Harddrive SSD ntfs
System type x64-based PC
SMBIOS-version 2.6
Installed physical memory (RAM) 8,00 GB
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz, 3192 Mhz, core, 2 logical

Edit added:
Graphic Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 660Ti
Power supply XFX pro550w.

Sincerely Patriac, Norway

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First of all upgrade to the new LGA1150 platform, wil give you a huge boost! Try going for an i5 4670K with the MSI GD-65 Gaming, your RAM will be fine.. That's the biggest issue, I don't know what Graphics Card you have so I can't help you there.
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i had pretty much that same system. i was looking at upgrading the graphics on it but the power supply is just one of those generic crap ones that only has about 220w so if you are looking to upgrade anything you may want/have to start with a new psu
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Thank you for the replies.

Silly me didnt add, probably the most crucial information when it comes to my question. My GPU is Nvidia GeForce GTX 660Ti and power supply is XFX pro550w.
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After some reading back and forth I think overclocking my cpu will give the biggest benefit.

Anyone more familiar with this that could be so kind and confirm this conclusion?
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Yes it will but not quite as much as a generational upgrade as you are 4 centuries behind and it doesn't quite matter how good your time machine is, it just won't make it beyond 2 centuries ahead which still leaves you 2 centuries behind everyone 4 centuries ahead of you (Civilization haswell). Your reasoning is for Ivy guys (overclock and your there and again ivys overclock better than haswells). You need to get to the industrial age tongue.gif
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Thank you TLM smile.gif So its that bad... auch

Got the MSI(TM) Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility and it seems my CPU was locked and i need to contacct manufacturer it said. That a big hazzle?
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Going frenzy here......

Trying to google some answers but cant find any concerning my model number.

Got Packard Bell ixtreme M5801 with i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz, 3192 Mhz, core, 2 logical locked when trying to OC it.

Is there a way at all to bypass the locked processor as some state on forums, by moving some jumpers on the card. Or is this pre bought model from Packard Bell a "no-go" to overclock ?
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