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Major Problem with Rampage IV Formula

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Oh man.... Where do I begin. This system has never performed properly. I have tried everything. New AX860i PSU, New GTX 780. Stutter fest in all games. Vsync, Triple Buffered, 60fps cap, No Vsync it doesn't matter. All games stutter. I even went as far as getting a mains power conditioner.

Here is where I am baffled. Check these pics out.

The first pic is what I am baffled by. See those claw like pins protruding out the back of the RAM slots? Notice the two on the right. Bridged. WITH solder. Uhhhh. ***!?!?!? None of the other DIMM slots have bridged pins. They should NOT be like this. Am I wrong? Like, really, are they supposed to be this way?

I am at $2.1k and my wits end here. Can someone advise me here? This is taking over my life.

Thank you for looking!
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The last person who I heard had this same problem with the RIVE apparently had some bent pins in his CPU socket. It may be worth a shot, but have you done all the standard error testing, mem test, GPU/CPU stability tests etc?
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100% man. I am not kidding when I say I have tried everything. I am seriously pulling my hair out here.

Will check pins a bit later. Need a definitive answer on those bridged pins at the back of my dimm slots.

I should mention the board boots fine with 4 sticks normally. But booting with the Go! Button activates the MemOk feature and only 3 sticks are activated for a total of 12gb.

This is what prompted me to look at my dimms and the front and back of the dimm sockets. Then I found this. I am livid atm. Drinking some beers fast to calm myself down. Lol. I never drink either, this has got me twisted.
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Well I don't have a RIVF, but I do have an X79 motherboard so I might be able to help you out.

Here's some quick pics I snapped with my phone

Right DIMMs

Left DIMMs

No joined pins there so something might be up.
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Dude. You rock. Thank you for this.

I really hope my CPU isint damaged. Or my RAM/Motherboard. Little hope in that though. Bridged pins are really bad news.

Thanks for taking pics for me man. I really appreciate it.
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Yeah no problem!
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Going to unbridge them and hope for the best.
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Still haven't unbridged them. They aren't a part of the actual pins the RAM makes contact with. It might not even matter at all.
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