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looking for feedback and quick questions!

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Decided to watercool my system because of the noise and this will be my first time watercooling.
This wil all be done inside of the Bitfenix Prodigy so its gonna be tight.
Planning on watercooling the CPU and GPU - i7 2600 @ stock and GTX780.

WC Components
Pump Top KOOLANCE COV-RP450 Rev.2.0
Res Alphacool Cape Fuzion Core 10 Acetal Black

Rads 180 at front of case, 120 at back.
Magicool Single 180 Slim Radiator
Black Ice SR1 120 Radiator

EK Supremacy Acetal + Nickel CPU Waterblock
Koolance VID-NXTTN GTX Titan Water Block

TubingPrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT Tubing Clear 1/2ID 3/4OD

Silverstone Black 180mm Case Fan SST- AP181
Silverstone AP122 120mm 9 Blade Case Fan

For the coolant im stil trying to choose between MAYHEMS XT-1 CLEAR or PrimoChill Ice - Clear.

For questions i want to know wether the 180+120rad config is sufficient to cool stock i7 2600 and a gtx 780, also which coolant do you guys thing is the better choice? Also the range of fans to choose form is overhwelming, if you guys can find something better than silverstone air penetrators please notify me thanks.

Would appreciate any feedback, changes and suggestions and thanks in advanced.
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For the size of the case , take what you can get ! I think you will be okay . But do not expect amazing temperatures ! . also I like to use mayhem's pastel or Ek fluid biggrin.gif .

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What kind of temps should i be expecting? I'm hoping for less than 70celcius on GPU and the CPU during gaming load, its winter here at the moment so ambient temps are about 18 celcius.

Kind of wanted to keep the dvd drive, but maybe i should just go external and then do 180mm front rad with 240mm roof?
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you should be around 40's
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