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quick h90 question

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So I am transitioning from my i7 920 Arc Midi to my Haswell node 304 and have a few questions about AIO coolers.

First off, is the Corsair H90's radiator symmetrical in its 170mm width? By this I mean does it stick out a few more millimeters on one side than the other? I created a quick mockup of its width and heigh (140mm x 170mm) with a piece of cardboard and centered it on my rear 140mm exhaust fan and I think it just BARELY fits up against my GPU, but I would be a lot more comfortable if it wasn't symmetrical and it stuck out a few extra millimeters on the tubing side.
I know someone fit an h90 in a node already but they were using a different motherboard than I am. My 212 Evo heatsink hits my GPU.

If anyone could enlighten me on how the h90 is actually laid out I'd greatly appreciate it

Here's a picture of the clearance from the GPU to the edge of my 140mm Fractal Design fan, as you can kinda see (sorry about the flash, took it at home last night and I'm at work now) i need about 2mm if the radiator setup is symmetrical.

My other question (if the h90 doesnt clear) is how much of a performance hit would I take putting a 120mm rad on my 140mm rear fan? I am much more inclined to use a 140mm rad and fan but if it doesn't fit then I feel like im wasting a whole 20 extra millimeters of extra cooling potential.

Thanks in advance for any help, hopefully I can get this sucker OC'd and running soon
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I'm not an expert on these CLC's but if it's a fan problem, there are a few 140mm fans that can fit on 120mm screwholes, so maybe the sides of those vans (the upper left/right , lower left/right side) is just slim enough to fit? Of course they're still 140mm in diameter.

For example: the 140 Bitfenix Spectre pro, or the Xigmatek XAF series.
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I guess if all else fails I can try that, although wouldn't that somewhat restrict airflow through a 120mm radiator and my case?
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I'm sorry I read your post entirely wrong, I dont think my answer could help you at all lol, but to answer your 2nd question: You'd lose quite some performance in my opinion. Some of the better 120MM radiator fans are designed to tunnel the air onto the surface, and if you'd put a 140mm fan on there I think you'd lose a lot of air to the sides of the radiator.
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Thanks for the reply,

I think at this point I'm just stuck between an h80i (120mm rad) and an h90 (140mm rad). I really want to use the h90's 140mm rad but I need to know exact dimensions of the 170mm width (ie. how far out each individual sides of the radiator stick out) to see if I have clearance on the side without hoses for my GPU.
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I'd advise you to check on the Corsair website, or on their forum. Their forum is **** though, and you're lucky if someone responds.
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Those forums definitely suck, tried to contact corsair twice now with no response. Bit the bullet though and ordered the h90 on ncix for $70, I guess if it doesnt fit or has poor temps I'll return it for the h80i. Thanks for the help!
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