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I have been wanting to complete a mod that I started in 2012 but never got around to finishing it (Link). The prototype mod has 945 unique, 1452 total downloads, but only 3 endorsements. That's not too bad considering how simple and unrefined it was. To have nearly 1000 people download it seemed to indicate there was some interest in this sort of mod.

My question: Is there still any demand / interest for New Vegas mods? Or is it basically dead now? I don't play much F:NV anymore, but it still interests me in finishing this so I can see it come to life.

Here is a list of game changes that I had planed. There is more, but too many to list.

Keep in mind, while these effects will certainly make you allot more lethal against other people and abominations, this can work the opposite way too and lead you to get killed allot easier, making the gameplay a bit slower as you'r trying to watch your back. It also makes different weapons much better for certain purposes, and not so much for others. No more using a weak pistol to clear a room of raiders, as you will be heavily outgunned. A shotgun would fair you much better.

Energy weapons reworked.
Change the laser beam into something more like a single quick flash of laser radiation, rather than its current state where it acts like shooting a projectile (for laser pistols and rifles).
Critical hits ignite clothing on fire, rather than just inducing more damage.
Change the gatling laser into a concentrated laser that remains on while holding fire, rather than shooting multiple projectiles like a regular Gatling gun. This would consume batteries quickly, but considerably more damaging than laser pistols and rifles.

Melee weapons reworked.
Adjust weapons such as knives to be much more devastating than their current state. Face it, getting stabbed in the neck is bad and deserves allot more damage than 8 health.
Crippling effects from a baseball bat or 9 iron smashing your arms, legs, neck, rather than just giving you a nice bruise with fixed amount of damage.

Firearms reworked.
Change to real world weapon name, ammunition type, ammunition capacity, rate of fire, if applicable.
Adjust damage according to ammunition the firearm uses.
Adjust accuracy and range according to real world standards of gun based on various factors, if applicable.
Change gunshot sounds to be more robust than small pings from a machine gun laying down heavy fire.

Ammunition reworked.
Change the generic ammo into more accurate description. Example: "556mm, surplus" to "5.56mm 62 gr. LAP" and add light armor armor penetration effect to match M855 USGI 5.56mm ammunition.
Add or lower armor piercing effects of certain ammunition types based on more "realistic" ammunition performance vs. armor.

Armor reworked.
Certain armors should be changed to be more effective vs. certain weapon types. Example: Leather armor ineffective against firearms or lasers, but effective against unarmed / slashing melee weapons. There's no reason some thrown together clothing should reduce a bullets damage, or absorb a high intensity laser beam.