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upgrade from megahalems to h100i worth it?

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So I´m considering upgrading to h100i or maybe h110 (but heard its not worth it if buying some good fans for the h110i) from my Megahalems (Rev 1) in push/pull. At the same time I´m probably gonna be switching to a Define R4 case. Current temps are around 75max on stock after a couple hours on prime95 blend. Would it be worth the upgrade and to reach just 4.3 or around there?
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no one? also open for other suggestions, maybe an affordable custom watercooling set ?
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For your fun-times, click this link!

I mean, yeah all it is is the AIO page from FCPU, but it's got several choices, and not just Corsair.

Personally, the Krakens and the Thermaltake twins are doing really well, but a lot of people like the Corsairs for the software link.
Those both have thinner block heads, so I like that in what I look for, but there's also the Eisberg 240L, which is newer and has a larger block head.

There is ALSO the Swiftech H220, but for whatever reason (just don't know the answer) they have no supply available in the U.S. at this time...

As to the "cheap custom setup", that's just not a sensible thing to ask for, because in most situations, people tend to just recommend a micro version of what they run, and that's not a cheap thing...
Like I'm building a custom loop in a SG05BB, and it's less than 8" of tubing and the smallest reservoir available, with only a 120.1 rad, and it's still upwards of $600 worth of WC gear.

Hope you find what you want! biggrin.gif

Thanks - T
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thx. Been looking at the Kraken x60 also but it doesn´t seem to do much better than the h100i and is more expensive. Wanted to get the Swiftech H220 but you can´t get it anymore anywhere. The Silverstone Tundra TD02 looks pretty good and gets good reviews but i´m not sure it fits a Define R4?
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Ended up getting a really good deal on a h100i and could get it locally so why not. I got two Noctua NF-P12 fans, would it be ill advised to stick those on it instead of the stock ones?
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