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first water loop

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hi guys, I'm going to be water cooling my cpu and my gpu.
I just picked up a komodo full water block for my 7950 at 50$
now i just want to get the rest.
I know i will need tubing and fitting these thing i can get them at my work at a nice price
now my case is a 400r, i would think a 240mm rad would be good enought.
I can get a 360 mm 60 mm thick rad for 50$ but my case will be to small for that so there is no point(inless some one here has a 240 60 mm rad and whats to exchange it ?tongue.gif)
what other parts should i get i don't really want to spend a total of 150$ more.
if i get the 360mm rad than i don't want to spend more than 100$!
budget it tight.

cpu is 2500k
mobo is a msi p67a gd80
card is a power C. 7950 ref.
psu i have a roselli 630w 80% bronze green
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Here's a great guide for you: CLICK
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