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Your collection is extensive to say the least! Mine is budding, but will not grow to that collection. Essentially, this is how I grab content (I don't need to rip DVD/bluray for my collection as my HTPC can playback both and I'm lazy!)

1. I have an RSS feed set up for all my TV shows (most of which are my wives). I set up the RSS from showrss.info to download only 720p+ content and I set utorrent to download content from this feed automatically.


I add occasional moves I want to test pilot remotely with my smart phone using the uTorrent Remote app or another PC using the "utorrent for google chrome" plugin which allows remote access if you have it set up on your HTPC. The goal here is to never minimize xbmc on my HTPC, which is the reason for the remote access to utorrent.

2. Once a torrent finishes, any torrent, I run two scripts automatically. I run chp.exe which hides the command prompt and I run the command line version of filebot to scan my utorrent directory (not the same as my downloads directory for web browsers). It finds new media, hardlinks it to the folders that xbmc scans (TV Shows and Movies), places it in a directory named according to thetv.db (which is what xbmc scrapes with), downloads subtitles for it, and notifies xbmc that new media is available and it gets picked up immediately. All with one script! And chp.exe to hide it because that would get annoying if a script popped up whenever a torrent finished.

All I need to do is remotely add the torrent (or have RSS add it) and all of that happens automatically! It made me elated when it all worked out, haha.
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Oh I bet. Having racked my brain to create a few scripts for various purposes at work only to be stoked when they finally start working they way I intend...that feeling is indeed heavenly haha. On the lazy notion, I get you believe me I really do cause there are times when I have a stack of disks to rip but meh...lazy mode kicks in and I let them sit there forever. I rip because I hate dealing with disks. I may look into your automated method eventually though, when I build my htpc. I've built numerous pc's in the past, this will be my first htpc. So looking forward to it, but I need to have all the money saved before I go buy the parts. I reckon the harddrives alone will run between 3700 and 4200 if i intend to get 10 of them at once. All in all I have a newegg wishlist in the $5500 region. That said im half way there. Silverstone has a case thatll let me stick 10 drives in it, and ill just use a pci express revo drive as the OS. With a 175mb internet connection the internet is my playground haha.

PS...thanks for the method though...
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Dear lord. When I built my HTPC I spent as little as I could w/o sacrificing anything that i wanted. In total, it was a little over $500. What you got there..is..is...a beast!
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Haha...yeah cause I intend on using more than just for htpc purposes...My current rig I use for ftp server, xbmc media playback, plex media server, bublle upnp media server for accessing all other dlna streams from any mobile device on the go, and well for just basic web browsing. I have windows seven installed, and tweaked to perfection, using stardock object dock to get rid of the task bar, along with a combination of rainmeter and rainlendar theme. So far minus the hard drives i've plunked down right around $850 on this desktop turned dedicated htpc rig. If you go back to my original post it lists the specifications.

The proposed cost for the new server I want to build is that high because I'm after 128mb cache 4tb/5tb seagate drives which cost a doozy at around $375 to $438 a pop
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woah! Sounds like a pretty intense build for an HTPC - I've always taken the approach of keeping my HTPCs as thin as possible, with no media stored directly on them. I currently run a QNAP NAS as back end storage, and have three different HTPCs serving from it. Each HTPC runs XBMC, with OpenElec on two of them (Shuttle XS35GTs) and Win 8.1 with XBMC for the main box.

I always liked the idea that the HTPC itself should be cheap and cheerful - it keeps it quiet and unassuming. The other benefit is that I can keep upgrading the box as small cheap PCs become more available. In fact each of the shuttles was at one point my main machine, and now superseded by a mac mini (that was a mistake, although it is amusing to run windows on it).

If you haven't tried it then running Netflix on a machine with PlayOn makes a nice addition to XBMC - you can integrate your Netflix queue seamlessly with your collection - it passed the wife test with no problems!
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