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need help overclocking my amd dual core cpu

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hello im runningf an athlon 64 x2 6000+ 3.0 cpu and im not sure what options to change in my bios im ussing an asus mobo with an ami bios heres pics i took of my bios OC settings

so can some one tell me please what settings to adjust and how to adjust them thanks
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According to those screenshots, you are already overclocked.

With a 6000+, you'll not get to much of an overclock unfortunately. The am2 chips topped out around 3.2-3.4Ghz for the most part. I think I remember a 3.6Ghz chip once, but that wasn't usual at all.

Also, not to sound rude, but there are numerous guides on this site to answer this very question. They just cover the basics, and help new users get up to speed.

Check this one out, and come back here when you've got a few more specific questions, and we'll help get you started.

welcome to the site man, and good luck on the over clock smile.gif.
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well what settings do i adjust since thoes arent my settings thoes are just pix of what my7 bios settings options look like my 6000+ is at stock
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Well, if you're asking for what settings correlate with what, then I can help with that.

The first photo is all ram timings. You don't really need to mess with those, since thats even specific from ram overclocking (technically).

Second photo:

You'll adjust all of the top settings (mostly processor voltage).

The CPU/HT reference clock is the ... reference clock (the one that you need to adjust to overclock. Which is why I looked at that setting and noticed the rig in that photo was overclocked). This is default at 200.

Don't touch the other settings in that section (GPU and PCI stuff).

The memory settings are a little unclear, I'd have to see what they expand into to tell you exactly what is what. One of them is almost guaranteed to be the divider (ram speed setting), the other is just the voltage.

Third photo:

Its basically the same as photo two, but more zoomed in.

Good luck smile.gif.
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ok so my cpu multiplier is set at the stock 15 x would i decrese this and up the FSB or keep it as is and just up the FSB?
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You could decrease it, but I usually left it at the stock multiplier.

Just keep in mind that as you OC the CPU like this, the RAM, and HT will also be overclocked. So if you become unstable, just remember that either of those could be an issue (unlikely with your multi being that high, but just know it could happen).

Good luck smile.gif.
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