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Issues after Sidegrade

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G'day guys, I recently sidegraded my system froma 4.28ghz 1090T on air to a 8350 on water.
And went from Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600-9-9-9-24 to 2133-9-11-10-28 RipjawZ 16gb

Ever since my swap outs, my system takes more than a good 5 minutes to boot up. Previously I timed my system cold booting into windows in 12 seconds.

I have an 840 Pro SSD but im getting some problems with my AHCI driver after the swap.

I have attempted to re-install the driver and my ahci registry is still fine.

Bios is set to AHCI.

Once I'm in windows it seems to be fine, but SSD benchmarks are showing a MUCH slower speed, around half of what I got before the changes.

What could be causing it?
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I just realised what caused the problem, perhaps late night hardware swapping isnt such a good idea lol.

I plugged my primary and secondary drives into my eSATA instead of skipping the first two slots... /facepalm

All sorted now.

This chip seems a bit of a waste of money though, went from air to a push pull closed loop went from an idle of 26C to an idle of 52C when switching from 1090T and 8350.

I knew my air cooler was awesome, but I had no idea the 8350 were THAT hot. Might just keep it as a backup and go back to the 1090T
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If you're idling at 52c with a custom loop with push pull, then something is wrong. Yes piledriver chips are somewhat power hungry, but they actually idle with similar (or actually less IIRC) power than the Phenom II's. So something is most definitely wrong. Do you have any air bubbles in your loop? Are all the hoses connected to the correct inputs and outputs on your pump and radiator?

And from what I've heard, while most will agree that the 1090T is a great chip, I've heard that in general its agreed that the 8350 is superior. So a bit of a side grade, but its supposed to be more like a diagonal upgrade perhaps tongue.gif.

Try to get that cooler sorted out, and then OC, and then make a decision about the chip.

Good luck smile.gif.
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^^ Agree with logan. Idle at 52 means that your waterblock needs to be remounted or there is a flow issue with your loop .
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