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I've tried everything I can think of and no matter what I seem to do after a while of playing battlefield bad company 2 i get graphic tears.

My system has

8350 fx cpu overclocked to 4.3 ghz

ati xfx radeon 7970 double d edition gpu (running at stock 1050)

And the temperature has NOT reached anything over 60 C even when the problem has occured

What is the deal and does anyone know how to fix this

I do have everything maxed out and running directX 11 but evne when i move bloom to false and directX 11 to 9 no matter what after a while i get the tearing effect I'm talking about....

I don't think that a radeon 7970 shouldn't be able to play a game that the recommened requirements to play in ultra is a radeon 4850....

I'll post a youtube link with and example of what happens on my screen (but is not exacly mine)

Any solutons and does anyone know if this happenes in bf 3 for pc as well because I just preordered battlefield 4 and I'm really hoping i don't have these problems playing it.