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Corsair 800D Loop Question

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Hi all,
Changing the radiators in my system. Switching to Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 360 and 240.
Koolance dual bay res RP-452x2 rev 2.0 with 2 MCP655 setup in series.
Apogee XT rev 2.0 CPU block
Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 360 and 240 radiators
110cfm Coolermaster fans
5/8" OD 7/16" ID tubing

The way I had the loop routed was:
Res out(pump one) - Rad 360 - Cpu(2600K@4.8Ghz) - GTX680 - GTX 680 - Rad 240 - Res in(pump two).

Now this is the cleaner setup(tubing wise) out of the bunch, but I am pumping water that is washing through CPU block through both GPUs before dumping it back into the 240 rad.
Thermodynamically speaking, I THINK it matters very little whether or not it goes from CPU to 2 GPUs as long as the flowrate is pretty good, and it is great with 2 pumps) the overall loop temperature will remain constant. And will provide sufficient cooling to the video cards. AT least in the past I have not seen temps I would be uncomfortable with.
I am contemplating on possibly adding a 3rd 680Gtx to the loop... at some point.

Now to my question.
a) Should I route the flow to hit 240 rad after washing through CPU before getting to the GPUs as in:
Res out(pump one) - Rad 360 - Cpu(2600K@4.8Ghz) - Rad 240 - GTX680 - GTX 680 - Res in(pump two)?
b) Add a 140.1 rad between CPU and GPUs? (right now there is a 110cfm 140mm fan bringing outside air into the case to feed 360 Rad fans)
c) You're bored, leave the things alone and go watch a movie? (which movie?)

Here's the pic, loop is all torn up here, while I am figuring things out.

Need a 2nd opinion I guess.
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a) You are right in that it matters very little in the order of components and rads in your loop. Especially with twin D5's, your water must be screaming through that loop. biggrin.gif I would leave it in whatever order looks the cleanest and uses the least amount of tubing (which looks like the way you have it already).

b) More rad space is always good, but if that rear fan is intaking cold air for your existing rads, you don't really want to heat that air by passing it through a rad.

c) Looking at the message on top of your PSU, I'd say The Dark Knight. smile.gif
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